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Live Event Video Production Company in Delhi NCR

Event filming is like creating a cinematic experience but in real life. Capturing the energy, emotions and moments from live events is like shooting an entire film, but by showcasing the very best bits and we ace that. At Doozy Pictures, we can capture your live event spectacularly so that you can reach new audiences without any setbacks.

Creating exceptionally memorable videos

From conferences and trade shows to PR events and music concerts, we can capture every event that you want to display on the big screen or Livestream. Although our expertise isn’t limited, some of our most-sought services include the following:

  • Conference
  • If you have already put the hard work into organizing a full-fledged conference of industry experts and spirited discussion, we can capture it all on camera and make the promo for next year’s conference like a pro.

  • Trade show shoot
  • For most brands, trade shows are an exceptional way to get their products in front of and into the hands of their potential customers. Our team of professionals can be there to capture the moments, film live demonstrations, vox pops and more to bring a trade show to life on-screen.

  • Live music events and PRs
  • Have you gone to all the effort to create a top-notch event? Then we can capture it for your marketing channels and portfolio. Get the most out of your work and cover your live events with us in an engaging way for your brand’s advantage.

  • Live event streaming
  • We understand that the WFH era has begun and to make your event accessible for people confined within the four walls of their home, it needs to be top-notch. Let us shoulder the responsibility and do a multi-camera shoot for live streaming your video so that it can reach new audiences.

The futuristic approach to live event production

From gimbals and sliders to hyperlapse, timelapse and other grip equipment, we have all the gears to capture your event most creatively and dynamically. Our team of experts uses state-of-the-art technology to produce videos for a whole lot of events including fashion shows, trade shows, training days, music festivals and more. So, you can rest assured that with us your event would be shown in its best possible light.

Why Doozy Pictures?

At Doozy Pictures, we understand that no two events are the same. Before shooting every event, we get our heads together and brainstorm ideas about how we are going to capture the success of your event through a film. Whether you want us to create a Livestream event or you want us to capture the highlights, we have got you covered. As one of the leading live event video production companies in Delhi, we take pride in our flexibility. Whether you need us at the crack of the dawn or at the eleventh hour. We work with you to ensure that we meet all your needs.
Need more information about our live event video production services? Reach out to our experts now for more info!