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Event Video Production

At Doozy, we have been the trailblazers of professional event videography. Using minimal crew, we specialize in driving the maximum effect. Our team of seasoned videographers stands out because every concept is unique and we create stellar event videos that tell different tales.

Cover your big event flawlessly

Do you want to cover the extravagant moments where you are paying tribute to the industry pioneers or do you need to capture the bonding moments between your stakeholders, our event video coverage services in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and adjoining areas capture every emotion that can connect you with your audience? We have covered everything ranging from corporate events to conferences, conventions, meetings, and more. As one of the most reliable and creative event video makers in Delhi, we strive to capture shots that keep viewers interested with soundbites from audiences and spectacular imagery.

Engaging event videos from the top event video production company in Delhi

At Doozy pictures, we specialize in event video production, including:

  • Corporate event
  • Are you hosting a remarkable event for your success or are you hosting some guests for a grand in-house celebration of a festival? Then our event video filmmakers can capture every moment for your memories or marketing campaigns.

  • Award ceremony videos
  • As one of the best event production houses, we also capture the glamor and significance of an award ceremony in your video. Whether you want to create a permanent record of your attendees’ achievements or just want to create a memoir of the award ceremony in your social media highlights, our expert event video makers can do anything to make your events look spectacular on the screen.

  • Conference videos
  • Do you want a conference video with highlights for people who could not attend the conference? Well, we also shoot conference videos that can be used to market your conference for the next year’s attendees or the individuals who missed the conference. From noteworthy points of the keynote speakers to interviews with the guests, we capture it all in our conference videos.

  • Launch party videos
  • Are you launching your new product line and you want engaging videos to sit on your website or social media? Then our high-quality launch party video can be your one-stop solution. We shoot videos that reflect the quality of your brand, the vision behind your new product, and the emotions intertwined with it.

  • Publicity event videos
  • Those who told you any publicity is good publicity is definitely lying. If you are putting on a publicity event and you want it to reach the maximum potential audience, our videography is the perfect medium to gain exposure. Our team of experts knows how to craft publicity event videos that compel users and keeps them hooked to their screens.

Get started now!

In addition to all these videos, we also capture meetings for internal use, visually compelling vox pop videos, and team-building videos that can be fantastic mementos for attendees to keep the memory alive long after the day of the team retreat ends. Need more information on our corporate event video production services? Contact us now!