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As seasoned film producers we call ourselves dream merchants because our team specializes in bringing imagination to reality. Whether it is about making your branding dreams come true or creating a synchronized and customer-centred brand video from scratch, we believe in perfection!

FILM Production

We are a full-fledged production house that specializes in different genres of creative film production.

Creative Direction

From conceptualization to ideation, we ensure that every video is directed in the best possible way for visually enticing results.

Visual Effects

Video production is as much as a science as it is an art and we include stunning visual effects in videos to transform your imagination into reality.
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Filming any live event requires skill and co-ordination. It is not only imperative to capture the big picture, but also all the subtle details and nuances in between. We have the expertise in bringing the dynamics of your event to life.


A beautifully crafted corporate video can help to show your company profile along with the products and services. It is an effective way to reach more clients and customers.


A special edition feature film produced in a multi-cam format, this provides a level of production usually available only for feature films.


The purpose of a TV Commercial Advertisemnt for your brand is to provide information about your product and help people to understand the need of product.


A beautifully crafted Animated explainer video is a combination of visuals and language to get the viewer’s attention.


We Capture most important moments of your life journey. Whether you are sharing any kind of ceremony vows and gathered for a family reunion or for any important business event, we are committed for a personable and enjoyable experience with you.

Digital Marketing

Doozy Pictures has recently stepped into the arena of Digital marketing where we provide cost effective online marketing techniques for every site to increase high conversion rate. Being a Film Production House, we understand the need of having and sustaining a digital presence.

Restoration, Preservation & Conservation

At Doozy Pictures, we have a special and skilled team of experts that undertakes the work of preservation and restoration of historical documents. Our organisation specialises in identifying, collecting, preserving and safeguarding the written heritage and historical texts which helps in facilitating the access of scholars and researchers.

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Creative Team

Gaurav Sharma

Associate Creative Director

Shariq Haider Naqvi

Creative Director

Shivendra Jha

Senior Editor

Syed Ashgar

Fashion Photographer

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